Atom Family

Dr. Alexander Atom had a nearly unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Eventually based out of the Goodman Building, he has explored lost civilizations, strange phenomena and pushed the boundaries of science. His assistant turned wife, Anne, helped him on many adventures until the birth of their daughter, Andrea. They raised her together in their adventures along with Jack Wolf, the son of a friend of theirs who had disappeared until Anne succumbed to cancer. Attending MIT, Andrea befriend Mentac, a “mentalist” disproving psychic research. Finding out that he actually had psionic powers, he joined the group, turning it into a quartet. Eventually revealing himself to be a prince of the royal family of Farside City, he enlisted their aid to reclaim the city from his treacherous aunt and installed a democracy in its place. He also proposed to Andrea and they were married not long after.

But many changes were coming. Dr. Atom died of cancer himself, but managed to upload his consciousness into a specially designed computer system. Andrea and Mentac were presumed lost in the Terminus Invasion when they went into the rift to attempt to close it from the other side. Now Jack Wolf is sole guardian of the four Atom Children, all of whom have developed powers. While some hard times have fallen upon the family, they are persisting and still as adventurous as ever.

Dr. Atom still exists as a complicated computer program. He is able to transmit himself through the internet, through sub-space communications to his grandchildren and holographically project his likeness anywhere in the Goodman Building.

Jack Wolf has military training and has worked with the Atoms for years and understands many of the oddities they may face. Although he never got to express his love for Andrea, he would move heaven and hell to help the children, pilots for them, and has saved them as often as they’ve saved him.

A.L.E.X the Artificial Life-Form Experiment was largely built by Dr. Atom to help take care of his daughter and, in turn, her children. Like Jarvis or Alfred, ALEX takes care of the Goodman Building and aids in the raising of the kids, none of whom think of him as an “it.”

Maximus “Max” Atom is the eldest of the children and the only one not a ward of “Uncle Jack.” He is quite adventurous, almost taking after Jack. He has the power to grow or shrink to incredible sizes.

Tess Atom is the brains of the group. She can readily assist her grandfather both with the complicated science of his experiments and the physical hands to preform them. She is capable of generating nucleonic energy fields, allowing her to fly, blast and create solid structures.

Victoria “Vicky” Atom is a quiet bookworm, but probably knows more facts and information than anyone else on the team. Although she tends to let others take the forefront most of the time, she is able to shift her body in a multitude of ways, included compression, stretching, flattening, flowing like a semisolid or even impersonating an enemy.

Chase Atom is the baby of the team, but still a teenager. He can be very serious minded, but still need to behave like a child sometimes. His mental powers would rival his father’s.

Cosmo the Moon Monkey was adopted by Chase when they traveled to Farside City. He looks like a blue furred spider-monkey but is intelligent enough to understand simple commands and use some sign language. He can also teleport himself and others.

Atom Family

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