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The first known sapient species were the Lemurians, or Serpent People. Highly evolved and unthinkingly cruel, they may have lasted if aliens had not gotten involved. An advanced group of extraterrestrials called the Preservers experimented on and manipulated the evolution of some humanoids before leaving abruptly. War was inevitable, and lasted until a M.A.D. response, and the sinking of each people’s island kingdoms, Lemura and Atlantis. The Lemurians fled in the depths of the Earth, while the Humanoids left to the distant side of the moon.

From there, humanity came about as we know from all our histories. Eventually Puritans from England and the Netherlands settled in the New England colony of Freedom in 1630. Freedom was like many other colonies. They participated in the Revolution but also the witch trials. In 1789 the city incorporated its surrounding settlements into Freedom City.

In 1939, the Centurion, made his first appearance foiling a bank robbery. After that, heroes continued to crop up. In the early forties, under the advice of the Man From Tomorrow, President Roosevelt formed the Liberty League, a group of heroes helping during World War II. However, many of them retired or disappeared when the House UnAmerican Activities Committee charged the many heroes as being potential threats unless they unmasked themselves and submitted to government oversight.

The state of support for heroes continued to lower through the seventies. A corrupt mayor outlawed all vigilantism forcing heroes to hide. Living in the shadows darkened the heroes and many became almost as bad as the villains they fought. Many crossed lines or fell to life’s hardships. Then the darkest events came.

Centurion’s greatest foe, Omega, returned from the Terminus Dimension. Leading massive forces, his attacked and took over most of Freedom City to establish a beachhead for the rest of our dimension. Finally, heroes old and new arose and fought back. Many died to turn back the tides. Centurion sacrificed his own life to fracture Omega’s armor and send him back to Terminus.

Along with the resurgence of heroes, Michael O’Connor Jr., son of World War II’s Freedom Eagle, is elected mayor of Freedom City. O’Connor repeals the law prohibiting heroes and establishes a holiday honoring Centurion’s sacrifice. It was on this rising tide that most heroes have come it the world. And now it’s your turn to prove you belong amongst these greats.

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