High School Sucks.

There’s classwork, tests, trying to get that hottie to notice you, trying not to get swirlied, and saving the world. And you still have English homework!

Welcome to Claremont Academy. Based in Freedom City (home of the Freedom League!) and run by Duncan Summers, Claremont is where you are learning to face the world. And how to stop those trying to destroy it. You can mingle with classmates, attempt to work the dating scene, or just try and survive until graduation.

The School has closed its doors to those not of the cape and mask type, but the city is as average as New York, Chicago, or Greenville. Despite this, Heroes are nothing new. The first, and greatest, hero, Centurion, publicly revealed his existence in 1939. Since then there’s been invasions from aliens, extra dimensional beings, and even the Serpent People who predate humanity. There’s been contact with gods and goddess, men from alternate futures, and super evolved humans of the far side of the moon.

And now you’ve come into the picture. The Freedom League are some of the greatest heroes of our time. Your upper-classmates, the Next-Gen, are likely going to join them sooner or later. Can you be amazing enough to get yourself included in that roster?


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