Aliens and Outsiders

When the island of Atlantis sunk, not all of the inhabits perished. Using magic, science or both, about twenty percent of the populace survived by becoming water-breathers. When the original Siren began operating with the Liberty League (the precursor of the Freedom League) in the forties, Atlantis was unveiled to the world. By and large they look human, but can breathe both air and water. They have increased strength and durability to cope with the depths of the ocean

When Atlantis sank, those humanoids that weren’t living there also fled. However, these people used the Preserver technology and left to the far side of the moon. They lived in Farside City (or Saruen as the locals call it) virtually unknown of until they were rediscovered by Dr. Atom. Farsiders are of mixed human stock and sometimes develop strong mental powers.

Grue Empire
A militaristic shape-shifting race, the Grue are intent on conquering all known space. While their fleets are incredibly powerful, they will also infiltrate positions of power and work to take over from the inside. Humanity’s first encounter with the Grue was a scout ship that crashed in New Mexico in the 1940’s. While they would like to conquer Earth, between the Lor Republic, the Star Knights and indigenous super heroes they aren’t about to try any time soon.

Lor Republic
The Lor Republic is a massive star spanning group whose greatest oddity is that they look human. While they refuse to accept it, most other races believe that they are further work of the Perservers who seeded much of the galaxy with settlements of humanity. While the Lor-Van believe themselves superior to most other races, they have nothing against intermingling with them. Because of this, while most Lor-Van look human, they can come in a wider variety of skin and hair color or additional features like antennae or feathers for hair.

After the sinking of Lemura, many of it’s people fled to underground caves and tunnels. These Serpent People continued to live forgotten by humanity. Incredibly arrogant, they have tried twice to grow a servile race which failed them both times. Occasionally they have surfaced and attacked humanity.

The Lemurians first attempt at a servant race was the Morlocks, a strong physical race. And we all know that building a strong., physical “servile” race always works. It didn’t take long before the Morlocks rebelled and left for other parts of Sub-Terra. They have continued to fight against the Lemurians.

The second time the Lemurians made a slave race they made sure to make them docile and easy to control. So of course they were no match for the Morlocks. When they attacked, the Lemurians abandoned many of their cities and much of their new work force. For a while the Sub-Terrans languished until they were found by a human named Jerris Trent. Easily taking over, Jerris has begun to rule them, calling himself the Terran King.

Star Knights
A super computer called Mentor was created using the the knowledge and memories of thousands of people. With its power and sentience, it noticed the growing conflict between the Grue and the Lor-Van. Mentor wanted to protect the order of the galaxy, it created a team of protectors to enforce order. Selecting agents from planets across the galaxy, Mentor gave them powered suits and instructed them to help people without becoming involved in politics or internal affairs. Energized by a connection to the Star Stone at the heart of Mentor, the suits provide flight, energy blast and life support, as well as always returning to Mentor upon the death of the user.

Aliens and Outsiders

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