Claremont Academy

Based in the Bayview neighborhood of Freedom City, this school was reopened about ten years ago. It boasts a fairly modern curriculum and secretly helped train young superheroes. Just a few years ago, Claremont changed and it now only teaches super powered youths. While this helps some of the more obvious empowered kids fit in, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still high school and has all the drama that goes with it.

Noted Clubs
Basketball – run by Lemarr Phillips
Chess – run by Isaiah Ziazan
Computer – run by Nathan Peter Collins
Environment – run by Thetis and Lillian Vervain
Football (Soccer) – run by Zaid Rahman
Gaming – run by Ray Gardner
Hero – run by Daisy Gibbons
Newspaper – run by Sarah Grant

Since the departure of most unpowered students, there isn’t really enough kids for full on sports, but arranging pick-up games and sharing love and stories and facts is never hard, hence Basketball and Football (Soccer) are clubs and not teams. Plus too many powered kids could become kinda hectic.

There are two dorms, Edward Jon Carter and Rita Kord, both of which are coed. Most classrooms and the library are in the central building around the Main Quad, while the Jasmine Summers Administration building houses offices and quarters for the staff that lives on campus are in the Andrew Scoble building behind it. Between those two are the Roberta Isley Gardens and past the dorms are the grounds which include a pool and athletic fields.

Claremont Academy

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