Claremont Staff

Duncan Summers is the headmaster of Claremont Academy. An older man with a cane, he is quite capable and the reason the school reopened, let alone became a place for teen supers.

Gabriel Marquez was crippled during the Terminus Invasion defending his students. The stress of the event awakened his latent nullifying powers. Though occasionally melancholy, with his powers and his role as Head Counselor, he helps make sure the students don’t go too far.

Alan Archer used to be known as the hero Hot Rod. Feeling he wasn’t making an impact on people’s lives, he turned back to his true passion, teaching. Duncan hired him to help train young supers as the Physical Education teacher and they became good friends in the process.

Jesse Perry is the Creative Writing teacher and an author of minor note. He’s known for having written a series of pulp novels about the real life hero Ghostman with great realism.

Stephanie Harcourt teaches Advanced Sciences and seems capable of great ingenuity. Motivating students by showing them what can be created using simple household appliances can lead to some incredibly classes.

Martha Dugan is the Vice-Principal and is usually the harshest voice of reason. While she may play devil’s advocate, she and Duncan get along well, and her own daughter is enrolled at Claremont.

Aretha Joy has no powers, but students receiving medical aid from the school’s nurse swear she can ease pain with a touch or fear with a smile. Even without her approach, she is officially trained and comes from a household of doctors and nurses.

Darian Skyler is everyone’s least favorite teacher. He is ruthless in his math classes, asking questions that stump and belittle his student. He believes he’s helping prepare them for enemies who try to outwit them, but that doesn’t make him more likeable.

Leeroy Hawke used to go around calling himself Turbo Boost. Repeatedly foiled in his crimes, he spent some time in prison where he reevaluated his life. From there he started “Stay Straight” programs to help kids. Duncan hired him to help teach kids the ethics and morality of using their powers.

Demtrius Kuzkin spends as much time teaching Drama as setting up productions of classic Greek and Russian plays. He believes the theater is haunted and wants the ghosts removed. Mostly because the don’t appreciate the creative process.

Angelina Wentworth is more likely to be seen running the Doom Room than teaching a class but also runs self defense classes. She is a staunch believer that powers alone do not win fights and has proven her barehanded skills against students before. She also possesses a full bodied winged suit of armor and goes by the codename Demona, but no one remembers any exploits she’s had.

Basil Faulks would be the forgettable old janitor if not for his quirks. He uses the tunnel system to move between buildings and is never seen outside. And while no one has really figured out what he is saying to himself, but “That shouldn’t be down there,” “Who the hell moved that door?” are reported quotes of his.

Claremont Staff

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